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Sun Screens

Stop the heat from entering your home or business through glass which is responsible for as much as 48% of the cooling costs. The most effective way of preventing this heat gain is by shading the sun before it heats the glass. Exterior solar screens can block up to 95% of the sun’s energy before it heats your windows, dramatically reducing the heat in your home and the load on your air conditioner.


• Absorb and dissipate 80-95% of solar heat and glare before it reaches windows and doors        

• Provides UV blockage of 75-95% preventing interior fading furniture and carpets

• Cost effective - 32% reduction in energy costs

• Adds value and gives custom look to home or building

• Comes in a variety of fabric colors and color framing to enhance your home or business

• Custom made of durable heavy All Metal brand aluminum framing for any shape window or patio

• Warranty: 10-year on fabric

• All screening applications are individually measured by a professional and custom made.

Bug Screens

• Custom made of fiberglass fabric available in charcoal and gray, charcoal finish reduces glare

• Custom made aluminum frame to match window frame (with springs and tabs)

• Also available in 1” durable heavy All Metal brand aluminum frame

• Environmentally friendly, flame resistant, will not rust, corrode or stain

• Keeps insects out, perfect for ventilation allowing fresh air in, yet allows outward visibility

• Long useful life, easy to clean, durable and flexible


Cleaning your screens is simple. Just rinse the metal products with water only. Clean vinyl products with a mild soapy solution, avoiding hard scrubbing.


*All screening applications are individually measured by our professionals and custom made.